eBay Services in Hockessin, DE.

Turn Your Unused Items into Cash at Postal Connections 234.

Is your garage, attic or basement full of stuff that’s too good to throw away, but no longer has a place in your life? Turn those unused electronics, collectibles, jewelry, sporting goods, nice clothing and just about anything else into CASH by letting us sell them on one of the world’s biggest online selling platforms — eBay.

You do no work

Postal Connections 234 is known for eBay selling in Hockessin, DE. Postal Connections 234 will evaluate, photograph, list, sell, pack and ship your items for a fee while helping you turn your trash into cash. We are authorized eBay sellers with an excellent feedback history and ratings potential buyers know we are trustworthy.

There is an art to successful selling on eBay and the staff at Postal Connections 234 are eBay artists. We’ll put our expertise to work to ensure you get the most dollars for your items.

Just bring your items in and we’ll handle the rest!

Our eBay Services Include:

  • Taking digital pictures
  • Creating the eBay listing with item description and details
  • Answering prospective buyer questions about listed items
  • Determining packing and shipping costs
  • Confirming the sale transaction
  • Handling payments, packing and shipping
  • Dealing with proof of delivery problem resolution (if necessary)
  • Sending you a check

If you live in the Hockessin, DE area, let Postal Connections 234 sell your unwanted items on eBay for you!

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